Fast Best And Easiest Ways To Build Your Fan Base

If you want to do deal with a major rap label you can't depend on anyone to discover you as you are.  What you need to do is learn the best ways to build a fan base.  I know you are thinking you are better than the best rappers out there but the problem that you have is that nobody knows who you are.  You have to
think of yourself as a brand. You are a business and you need to treat yourself and your brand and like a business.

There are ways to go about marketing yourself online to build your fan base.  One good thing that up-and-coming artists have is  If you're rapper then you should be using their services to create videos of you rapping.  Create an account and then create videos often.  Do as many as you can per day and
upload the videos. This will give you exposure to the millions of viewers online and it will start to build a fan base for you. 

By starting off small and doing the work on your own you are learning how to not just be a rapper but a businessman as well.  When doing your videos make sure that you look like a professional rapper.  You want to be presentable and have a nice image about you that fans will gravitate towards.  You will need to have as much original material as possible but you can also make mix tapes using popular beats and uploading the videos online.

To find original music there is a site called Soundclick where you can purchase original instrumentals from producers for reasonable prices that you can have and create your own music for sale around.  When searching for beats be sure to listen to as many of them as possible and only choose the ones that relate to your style.  Some of the producers have free tracks that you came use to create a song around.  These charts can be used in music videos that you create and they are good for creating a buzz for you and for the producer of the tracks.  Make sure to say in the video at the beginning or the end who the producer of the track is and also in the video description please give credit to the producer as well and maybe even a link back to the producer on Soundclick

The more you work with the producer the better the relationship he will have with you and the better the deals you may be able to get on future tracks.  The best producer to have is a producer that can work with you and create instrumentals around your rap style.  There are produces that you can tell how you would like the rap patterns to go.  You can even give them a sample of the way your hook goes and they can craft a beat to mimic the pattern of your rap.  This is the type of beat maker that you would love to have when you do land a record deal because hit songs come more easily with this type of producer on your side.

Another thing when it comes to marketing yourself as a rapper is to do performances.  As a rapper your job is to perform your rap songs.  You're an entertainer and as the entertainer you have to entertain.  An easy way to help you with performances is to learn how to control your breathing while you're rapping so that you're not out of breath during performances.  No fan wants to see a rapper huffing and puffing on stage and can't even say the words to their own raps because they're so out of shape.  Imagine a singer that you like and how you would feel if they cracked every other note that came out of their mouth.  So work on building up your stamina and strength in your lungs for when you're rapping. 

Do exercises while you're saying your lyrics.  Try standing in front of a mirror and running in place as you say the lyrics to as many rap songs as you can.  What this will do is get your heart rate beating fast and it will test your endurance.  By doing this repeatedly every day you will start to notice that you're better able to control your breathing so you're better able to perform for longer periods of time without getting tired.  The average time of a decent performance is 30 to 60 minutes.  This is the minimum that you need to be able to control your breathing and give a good performance.

Social media also plays a big role these days in the success of building a fan base for up-and-coming rap artists.  You need to have a Facebook account, Myspace account and a Twitter account. Make sure that all of these accounts have your stage name or rap name as the user name.  That way anyone that sees that name or knows who you are going to be able to follow you and be a fan.  You want to make it as easy as possible for people to become a fan of yours.  These fans are the people that will buy your products, like your music, and follow you throughout your career.  There are many other ways to continue to build the following of fans but these are the ones that will get you the fastest results in the shortest amount of time.