How Long Is A Hook In A Song

How Long Is A Hook In A Song

How long is a hook in a song you ask?  Well it's not that long.  A hook in a song is roughly 8 bars long.  What many rappers do for their hooks is they will write a 4 bar chorus and then say the chorus twice.  This will equal out to a normal hook structure.

There are other rappers who do it a little different.  Some of them will actually rap out 8 bars and spit it straight through.  This becomes the chorus for that type of structure.  With this kind of hook it does not hold the value of the other kind of hook styles because lacks the repetition that makes a hook stick in your head.

Another chorus type has the same 8 bar length but it is a little simpler.  Some rappers will write 2 bars and repeat them 4 times.  This structure is similar to how Drake raps the hook in the song "Started From The Bottom."  He simply says the two lines and then says them again and again and then again.  If you are lazy with your hook writing or if you just get cant come up with anything else then try this hook method.

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