Why Rappers Brag or Lie

Rapper brag a lot in their songs. I think rappers do this for various reason in various stages in their carriers. A new rapper that just got signed will brag about being rich after he received his signing bonus check. New rappers are not rich. But it helps the songs to portray that or lie that they are. Who will ever listen to a broke rapper anyway?

A rapper that has been around for a few years will brag about money and cars and women. They brag at this point because they have successfully navigated past the (fake it til you make it phase) which is the new artist phase mentioned above. At this point the rapper has amassed a decent following of fans and can do shows and draw in a good amount of money per show regularly and so they are speaking from a semi successful perspective. This is where the brag starts to cross the line from (fake it til you make it) to the (i'm here) phase.

Then you have the rappers that have consistently put out 5 or more albums like Jay-Z and have cemented their place in rap forever. These artist are in the final stage called the (I made it phase). The phase where they have amassed a fortune from their rap career and have crossed over into other careers besides rapping. They brag because they have made it. They have the cars for real. The houses, the money and the fame. This is the realest point in a rappers life and music because the braggadocio is backed up by visible success. So rapper will brag for different reasons but all in an attempt to make the listener believe in them.

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