How To Write A Love Rap

A love rap is a rap expressing some type of affection for the opposite sex. There is a great void in rap currently for love raps. My artist kind of keep away from writing them because they perceive themselves as weak if they do so. They sometime think of themselves as too hard or too gangster for those type of songs. But I think 2pac said it best that if you write songs for the ladies then the men will follow.  A love rap doesn't have to be about mushy love. There are some gangster rap songs as well.

To write a love rap you need to put yourself in that kind of mind state. Think about someone that you really like or want to get with. How does that person make you feel when they walk in the room?  Take those feelings and put them into a rhyme. Talk about the things you want to do to or with that person. Also talk about the type of relationship you want from that person. If you want the lady to be your #1 lady then say that. If you just want to sleep with the lady then say that. Be honest with your feelings because your raps will come across better and more believable when you do. Talk about how things will be between you two in the future. If you want to make her your wife then say that. Or if you want her to be just someone you see every now and then include that as well. The object is to build a story and make a woman that hears your love rap song feel as if you are rapping to her. Make a man that hears your rap song feel as if these are words that he would say to a lady. The more descriptive your raps are the better your love rap will be received.

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