Learn How To Rap

So you want to learn how to rap huh? Well what do you already know about rap. Did you hear it one day and think to yourself that this is something easy to do and you can do it better than the people on the radio. Well maybe you could if you only knew how to rap. Learning how to rap is not as easy as it may seem. You have to know what you are rapping about, you have to have a flow to your raps, and you have to be about to hold your listeners or audience's attentions. Without either of those things then you will fail at rap. Lets look at how to rap.

1. First you need to know what you are going to rap about.
2. You need to have a beat to rap to.
3. You need to either have a notebook & pen or be ready to write rhyme in your head.
4. You Need to write you rap.

Now you are ready to learn how to rap. Again the learning part of how to rap is not as easy as it seems. Writing raps and learning how to rap are two altogether separate things and should be looked at as separate things.  How to write a rap is when you thinks up a subject and write verses and hooks.  How to rap however is the process of verbally delivering your raps after they have been written.  Once you have your written rap then you should read it at least three time to try and commit as much of the rhyme to memory as possible.  This will help to eliminate the amount of times you mess up on a verse and stumble over the words.  This is a part of the prerecording process if you are planning to go to a recording studio and record the raps.  The fewer mistakes you make when you are in the recording booth the less hours you will spend at the studio, and the more money you will save in recording hour fees.

Once you have read over you written raps a few times then now it's time for you to start to recite them out loud while trying not to use the paper as much as possible.  Once you get started you will see how reading over the raps first helped in committing some of your words to memory so you will know what lines come next in some cases without relying on the paper.  Start to say the rhyme and every time you mess up on a line then in a verse then start the whole verse over again.  This will help with discipline by feeling like you are punishing yourself for every time you mess up.  This will also help you to memorize the rhymes faster as well.  The more you say it and read it the more you remember it.  I would keep going over the whole rap until I have almost memorized the entire thing and have no need for the paper anymore. 

Now that you have memorized the whole rap song it's time to address your flow.  The flow or delivery is as important as having good lyrics.  Without a good delivery no one will take you serious or want to continue to listen to you.  Think about anytime you are listening to the radio and that wack song that you hate comes on.  What's the first thing you do?  You turn the station.  That's how you will be treated if your delivery is not up to par.  The best practice for perfecting your delivery is to practice in the mirror.  When you practice your rhymes in the mirror you get to see the expressions you make and it builds confidence because you are looking at yourself from another person's perspective.  If you make funny faces when saying certain words or lines then the mirror will show that and you can be aware of it and change it.  Facial expressions tend to portray support for the words that you are rapping.  Practice the rhyme in the mirror over and over again until you know for sure that you will not mess up.  Keep the paper with your rap on it handy in case you forget a word or two or forget what line comes next.  You can learn how to rap by following these tips.


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