How to Write A Rap In Your Head

The most difficult form of writing a rap song is to rap off the top of your head.  To learn how to write a rap in your head is not an easy task but with practice it gets easy.  This practice also increases your brain's memory abilities. 

The process of writing raps in your head teaches you brain how to memorize things using structure to your methods.  In order to write a song in your mind you need to start with your first line.  Once you have your first line in you mind and say it out loud two times.  This helps to remember the line as you progress.  Now on the third time add a second link to your rap.  Then say the rap over with the second line included.  Repeat the process until the rap song is finished. 

Remember every time you ad a new line start over from the beginning and recite all of the lines up to your newest line.  This is what I call the  rap step structure.  Picture your first line as a step and then your next line as a step that you are stepping up to on another step and so on until you have a flight of steps. 

This is the technique that rappers like Notorious BIG, Jay-Z and Shyne use to write their rhymes.  You are basically building the sentence in your mind and holding it there instead of using paper to jot it down on.

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