How To Write A Rap Hook

In order to write a rap hook you normally need to know what it is that you want to rap about. However there is another way to get a hook other than this method that I will discuss later.  Choose a topic to rap about and either play the beat that you are going to rap about or think up a beat pattern in your head to base your hook around.

Once you have your topic with the beat playing then try to rap your topic to match the flow of the beat saying it over and over allowing ideas to flow. Listen to your mind and write down what you are coming up with in your mind. Once you have the first line then build on that. Use that line and come up with a line that rhymes with the first and repeat this until you have 4 line. At this point you can either decide to say the 4 lines twice or think up 4 additional lines to make a hook which is usually 8 bars long.

Continue to say your hook over and over and edit some of your words that sound weak or don't really fit wit stronger words. The strong your word are the better your raps will sound. Rappers like Eminem will constantly write and rewrite a single rap song until it perfect.

Every time you repeat your rhyme you find things that you can edit about the rap song hook. But be care when you are editing that you don't over edit until the point where you end up scrapping the hook altogether. And remember to never throw away a single rap line. All of your lyrics can be recycled.

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