How To Rap Better

OK!  So you now know how to rap but your raps are only OK.  You need to know how to rap better than you currently do.  Rapping better will require the same effort that it took you to learn how to rap in the first place.  There are things and techniques that you can use to be a better rapper.  In order to improve your rapping you have to first address where the sub par qualities are in your raps.  What needs to be improved?  Is it your content?  Maybe you don't have a lot of substance to what you are saying.  Is your delivery wack?  Maybe you need to figure out how else you can say certain lines to make your delivery more acceptable.  The best way to find out where your strengths and weaknesses in your rapping are is to have an audience.  It doesn't have to be a large audience just a few friends or family members.  Get them together and spit your rhyme to them and ask them to critique you with their harshest opinions.  Make sure to take mental notes on what each of them likes and dislikes about your delivery or you content.  If they say that you content was not that good then the next rap you write you should research a little info to help give you content.  For example if you are rapping about hard times then search the web for news articles about current events and include some of that in your rhymes.  Not only does it give you more to write about but it also makes your listeners think that you are up on current events and gives you more credibility than just rapping about your shoes and socks or something like that.  If it's your delivery that is the problem then it's time to become an actor.  Rapping is like acting because when you rap you are telling a story and giving visuals with your words and your expressions.  Practice in the mirror more and picture your rhymes as a script as if you are acting out your raps.  Use hand gestures to add to your whole persona to make your delivery a little more convincing.  You can surely learn how to rap better by trying out these suggestions.

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