How To Rap Freestyle

How to rap freestyle is almost like learning how to write a rap in your head.  If your want to learn to rap freestyle you need to have the ability to think fast to come up with words that rhyme and follow the beat.  Anyone can freestyle but not everyone is good at it.  But the more you practice the art of freestyling the better you will become.  A true freestyle is always misinterpreted by many rappers entering into freestyle battles.  A lot of people think that writing a rap and memorizing and using it in a freestyle battle is considered a freestyle.  But that is far from the case.  A freestyle rap is a rap that is straight off the dome or a rap that you think up right there on the spot.  When the beat drops like on 106 & Park then you  have to be ready to go into lyrical battle with fresh rhymes that you have not previously memorized.  To Freestyle rap you have to put together rhyming lines one after the other without messing up.  I would suggest that you learn to freestyle by playing a beat with a fairly slow tempo.  The slower tempo will give you time to think up good words to keep the rap going.  The slower the beat the more time your mind has to improvise when it comes to your rap.  Faster beats tend to cause you to lose your place and stumble over your words attempting to salvage your rap.  A good thing to do is to get a pocket thesaurus and keep it with you.  Try to look for synonyms to words that you commonly use and these words will help to keep your mind fresh.  A good tip is to use a mirror to practice your freestyle in as well.

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