How To Battle Rap

A battle rap is usually a contest between two rappers where they go head to head with one of the rappers being crowned the winner. A great example of this would be the rap battle host on BET's 106th and Park called Freestyle Fridays. With a battle rap the two rappers are use a freestyle rap. A freestyle rap is a rap usually thought up off of the top of your head but it can sometimes be a song that you write down and memorize for the battle. A cleaver battle rapper will usually have 10 or more battle raps memorized and ready to be used at any given time.  This is to ensure that you have enough rhymes so that you don't run out of fresh content so rap. The worst thing as a battle rapper you can do is use the same raps too many times where your opponent know your line and can recite them along with you. This will not only embarrass you but will almost certainly cause you to lose the vote of the audience and judge and cost you the battle. Many rap battles are done for prize money which can be a great incentive for you to stay up to par and keep a small catalog of raps ready to go. Battle raps are usually 16 bars or timed for 30 seconds. A good way to build a catalog of battle raps fast is to write a 3 verse song but without any hooks or anything else. Just learn the whole song and you have 3 battle raps ready to go.  I would not recommend you go into a battle rap with less than 10 raps ready with various content.

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