Improving Your Raps

If you have raps that you think are not up to par then you will need to improve your raps. A good tip to follow is to try your rap out on individuals like your family and friends and ask them for their honest criticism. Allow them to tell you how they feel about your rhymes and don't be offended by what they say. Once you have the criticisms then use those as a basis for improvement. I think its a good idea to have a beat already picked out for your rap song because it will help when choosing new words to improve your rap. You will need to see how other words sound in place of the words that you are replacing. Go through your raps and pick out the weak parts of it. try using more descriptive words that mean the same as the words you want to remove. Rewrite the song on another piece of paper instead of erasing or scratching out the old words. This way if you ever want to go back to the old version of the song you still have it. It also gives you a second version of your song that you can call a remix. There are many song on the radio that are remixes that sounds identical to the original song. Sometime its over a different beat and sometimes on the same beat with a little added to it. The key is to edit the song in a way that you feel comfortable rapping it and others that you rap it for can feel it. It is always good to strike a balance between your audience and yourself and this will help with improving your raps.

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