Write A Gangster Rap

First of all when it comes to gangster rap I would suggest you not even try it unless you have lived that lifestyle. The one thing about gangster rap is that if you are a phony you will be found out and that can mean an end to your rap career. Not to mention if another gangster rapper calls your bluff on the harsh words on your song you may find yourself fight for your reputation or even your life. If you have lived a somewhat gangster lifestyle then proceed on.

A gangster rap usually talks about what goes on in the hood. What things the rapper has done to people and done to survive life on the streets. When you write a gangster rap song include tales of the struggles you face on the streets. Tell about your hustling ways and the dope deals that you have done. Tell about the dope fiends that you have encountered and what they have done to get the drugs they need to feed their habit. Talk about robberies you have committed or have been apart of or know of. If you experienced that then tell how it went down in very little details though. If you have been involved in shootings where you have shot someone or have been shot at then use that in your rap.  Talk about prostitution, stabbings, killings, murders, break-ins and any other illegal activities that a gangster would be involved in.

If you are not a gangster ready to defend your raps then don't do any gangster raps. Also if you are personally involved in illegal activities and you have not been prosecuted for then I would suggest you not name names or go deep into details with your raps. In fact I think real gangster rap tales or the only raps where you may want to be untruthful as possible to protect those involved.  If there is a possibility you will be prosecuted based on your crimes then don't write about them. I do not condone illegal activities, however I have no control of what another individual does.

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