Rap About Sex: Subject To Rap About

Rap About Sex

A staple is the bulk of popular rap songs is to rap about sex.  Who gets more sex than a rapper?  Every rap song details how he met this girl and that girl.  How he smooth talked her into his apartment, hotel room or home.  How sexy she was and how little clothes she had on.  Then go on to what sex acts the woman or women performed on him.  And how long his stamina allowed him to last.  Then the next night rinse and repeat. Rapper fill their albums with songs that rap about women.

At every show or concert you can find teens on up to cougars throwing themselves on a rapper.  So it is no wonder how a rap about sex can be and easy topic to cover.  You can write in detail about what made a particular woman so desirable that you would sex her.  Did she stare at you from the front row while you were performing?  Did she make sexual gestures or flash her body parts at you to get your attention and turn you on?  Did she manage to find her way backstage and into your dressing room only to be in there barely clothed waiting for you.  There are many examples of subject to rap about sex.

Tell if the sex was good or bad.  Did she make herself submissive to your every desire or did she try to dominate you in raunchy manner?  Some women are like that you know!  Rap about how long you had sex and what positions the two or three of you manage to figure out.  Was it a one night thing or is it an ongoing thing.  Is she threatening to tell your spouse or girlfriend about your secret relations.  Maybe she is claiming to be pregnant with your love child in hopes to get her hand on some of that rap money that you have been steadily making?

No matter the scenario it is a good topic to rap about sex.

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