Rap About Women: Subject To Rap About

Rap About Women

In order to rap about women you will need to know a great deal about them.  And if it's one thing that a rapper knows is women.  A rap video is worthless it seem without some beautiful, brown, voluptuous woman shaking what her momma gave her in it.  I can think of very few rappers who have ever make a rap video without this criteria.

And what straight man would not want that?  To rap about women you need to have women.  When dealing with them you have to take into account emotions and attitudes whether they be good or bad.  When you write a subject about women be sure to relay all of the experiences that you have gathered while dealing with them.  Was there a special woman that stole your heart?  Did she feel the same about you?  Did she break your heart into little pieces?

Write about women you may have only been with for one night.  Why was she not worthy to be more than a one night stand.  Maybe there's a woman that is pursuing you to be the father of her future children.  Whatever the topic may be you can rap about women extensively.  Your whole adult and maybe teenage life has been spend dealing with women on one level or another.  So take those experiences and turn them into a good topic to rap about.

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