Rap About Clubbing: Subject To Rap About

Rap About Clubbing

If you are a party animal then it should be a no brainer for you to rap about clubbing.  What rapper has not started his career off in the clubs.  The clubs are the breeding ground for rap careers.  Local night spot may be the only place and up and coming rap artist can get his music spun.  A lot of times the radio station program directors will seek some type of payola to spin your music.  And so the club seems to be where rappers feel more at home.  And for that reason alone you can tell stories of how you struggled to get where you are and clubbing was your thing.

Rappers bring their homies and their entourages to night blubs religiously.  There is always some celebrity gossip magazine detailing exciting VIP romps of celebrity rappers and some actress or supermodel that he is supposedly secretly dating.  If the tabloid magazines can use this subject to write about why can't you.  After all it's your lifestyle and not theirs!

When crafting your rap songs about being at the club you should highlight all of the things that go on there.  Is there a hot female bartender that you love to flirt with.  Maybe there are celebrity women that you may have slept with in the club's VIP section.  Who knows what goes on behind those close door better that a rapper in that position.  This topic is extensive to write about because there is no shortage of elements and details related to it.  Almost every rap song nowadays is centered around clubbing.  So go with what works.  Like the old saying goes “if it ain't broke then don't try to fix it!”  Stick with what works and rapping about clubbing is a tried and true subject to rap about.

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