Rap About Death: Subject To Rap About

Rap About Death

One of many rapper's favorite topics is to rap about death.  It almost seems like rapping and death go hand in hand.  Not that that is a good thing!  For some reason we seem to see rap artists caught up in scenarios where getting killed is a very likely possibility.  What is the attraction between rappers and death?  It's hard to tell but it make for a really good subject to rap about.

If that has been your experience or you know of a situation of the sort then you can incorporate it into your rap lyrics.  Start off by telling the story from the begging of what caused the altercation.  Be sure to include the names of the people.  I would suggest using fictitious names if legal reasons dictate.  Set the plot of when and where it took place.  Was it in a car or was it at a club.  Maybe it was in a car outside of a club?  No matter the scene this will make an intriguing subject to rap about.

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