Rap About Cars: Subject To Rap About

Rap About Cars

A rap about cars should be easy for you.  For all of your life you have watched cars rolling by and you know what make and model it is from a distance by looking at the tail lights or the car body shape.  We have all played the game of “That's My Car” where you spot a nice car and you yell out “that's my car” before your opponent does. 

I'm sure you have a favorite car or one that you have always wanted but cant quite come by just yet.  You can write about cars and give details about the car.  What color was it?  What options did it have on it?  Was it slow or fast? Was it a sports car or an SUV?  There are a number of detail you can include when you write about this subject. 

I have seen rappers do everything possible with their cars that can be used as a topic to write a rap about.  One time I was watching a video of a famous rapper and his entire car interior was ostrich skin leather.  If that's not extravagant or unique then I don't know what is.  How many other rappers do you think could have that subject to rap about?  I also quite frequently see rapper cars with suicide doors.  Those suicide doors are the type that open upwards instead of outward like a Mercedez McLaren.  You don't see that everyday.

Also the paint jobs on a car can be a good subject to write a rap about.  Candy paint seems to be the staple for a rapper's car to show that he is successful in the rap game.  Candy paint jobs can cost well into the 4 to 5 figures.  Upwards of $10,000.  That is something that is so unique to rap about that you can surely make a subject out of it.

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