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Rap About Money
To rap about money is almost cliche. If it is something that all rappers have in common it would be their obsessive need to rap about how much money they have.  For most rappers their financial situation is not even yet secured and they are already bragging about the wealth that they have.  There is an old saying in the rap game called “fake it til you make it!”  Meaning if you don't have it just rap about until you get it.

Money for a rapper is the ultimate goal.  There is no one thing greater than the achievement of more and more dead presidents.  The question is why is money more important to a rap star than the art form.  Well when you are constantly making it rain night after night at various strip clubs and other venues you can run through huge sums of cash very quickly.  I guess that is why rappers are always performing so they can make enough extra money to cover the bills that actually need to be paid.

Sometimes it seems like rappers are not too savvy with money.  There are very few of them who accumulate or properly invest their earnings in a way where if their career would suddenly end they would have a house where it was fully paid off with no mortgage.  Or even that luxury car with no car notes left to pay on it.  It seems like a rap artist would remember the meager means that they come from and would try to stash something away for a rainy day.  But usually that is not the case.  It is important to realize the need to maintain a certain quality of life that the rap money has afforded you in the present.  So keep these things in consideration when you choose to rap about money.

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