Rap About Selling Drugs: Subject To Rap About

Rap About Selling Drugs

I really don't understand why a rapper would rap about selling drugs.  Why would you commit a crime and then willingly tell on yourself.  Seem ass backwards to me but it has always been one of the most popular topics to rap about.  Every rapper knows the consequences of getting caught with a controlled substance while driving or in their hotel room.  Turn on the news every other week some entertainer's mugshot it plastered all over the evening new about being busted with drugs.  This is a reoccurring theme in society today.  And for that reason you should have plenty of subject that you can produce from topic of selling drugs.

Tell your tales about how you got into the drug game.  Tell rhymes about how you would be out in the cold for several day and nights rocking the same clothes until your finger tips were numb.  Was business booming that well.  Tell about the parents of your friends that would come to you to by drugs because they were strung out.  How did that make you feel for your friends mom to offer you sex acts in exchange for drugs because she had no money.  Were you remorseful for selling your people drugs and death.  Or did you feel like if you didn't sell them drugs then someone else would and so you took the money. 

Tell about the issue you had to endure from the cops as a result of them seeing you dealing drugs regularly on the block.  Did the cops arrest you multiple times?  Did the cops take liberty and rough you up with police brutality?  When they stopped you did they take your money and drugs for themselves and then let you go with a warning?  Maybe and officer gunned down someone you know who was caught selling drugs and had a gun on him. Whatever the case may be there are almost infinite scenarios that can play out in your raps about selling drugs.

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