Rap About Clothes: Subject To Rap About

Rap About Clothes
It is routine to hear someone rap about clothes in a song.  The items that a rapper wears is the most telling part of his whole style.  You can basically tell how successful a rap star is by studying the things he wears.  If a rapper wear the brand of hip hop clothing he wore before he signed his deal then it's safe to say he is not very successful.  But if you notice a rapper wearing $1000 sneakers then it's a safe bet that he probably is well on his way to a certain level of riches.  And a good subject to rap about there is how you rose from a low lever earner to where you are now. 

I have noticed favorite rappers begin their rap careers wearing brands like Nike, Dickies, Timberland and the such.  And a few years later they were wearing Prada sneakers, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.  Brands of this caliber tend to show that a person has attained a certain level of financial success as a rapper.  The financial growth you go thru as a rap artist can be an excellent topic for you to write a rap about.

Make sure to focus on the details.  Be sure to include all of the ups and down that you have experienced on the road to earning your success.  Include details about the styles and brands you used to adorn and the clothes you no longer wear.  Explain the reason you don't wear certain brands any more.  Could it be because a designer said he didn't want people like you wearing his designs?  Could it be because those particular clothes are beneath your level of dress for the level of success that you have reached.  Whatever it is be sure to include details when you write your raps about this subject.

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